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Thousand buck marketing club

Thousand Buck Marketing Club

New to Tacktical Marketing's product line, we are now offering the Thousand Buck Club.  The Thousand Buck Club has been designed to be recession proof for your manufacturing organization or professional service firm.  We realize your focus is manufacturing.  To be a competitive manufacturer, you need to streamline not only your engineering and development processes and strategies, but also your cost per unit efficiencies overall.  That being said, why spend money on additional overhead when you can have a more refined team of individuals performing the same tasks at no additional overhead with a lower operating costs.   Literally, a thousand bucks (that's right, only $1,000) will give you access to all our full-service digital marketing agency. 

  • Lower overhead costs = Decreased Cost Per Unit (CPU).
  • Increase your companies visibility and marketing.
  • Lower overall company expenses, while strengthening your ROI.
  • ...And oh yeah, did we mention... ONLY $1,000/month for a full-service digital marketing agency.  P.s. the average marketing employee cost's the organization roughly $5,000 a month and they may only be proficient in a handful of marketing services (namely Social Media and Graphic Design).  But that isn't who you are... you would rather rank in google for more organic traffic, increased 


What you'll get....

  • Full-service digital marketing agency to manage your website and make nominal website edits on your behalf.
  • Data-driven SEO strategies to put you at the top of Google searches.
  • Automated marketing tools.
  • Website maintenance, management, and Updates.