How Industrial Companies Can Use Web Analytics & Metrics

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Do you know how many visitors access your website each month, where they come from, and how many visitors become customers?

Google and Website analytics can help you gather and interpret key website data that can help your industrial manufacturing company make smarter business decisions, reach more businesses and customers, and ultimately earn more revenue. In this post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of web analytics, which metrics you should measure, and how analytics consulting plans from Tacktical Marketing can help your business set and achieve your digital goals.

Benefits of web analytics for industrial companies

No matter the size of your industrial company, Google and website analytical data can provide valuable insight into your online marketing strategies. If you want to gain industry knowledge and interpret your website data to grow your business, you will need to understand your companies digital analytics. Web analytics will help you measure web traffic, track key metrics, and optimize your marketing campaigns to better reach your target market.

Analytical Metrics that matter

Analytics is more than just Google’s Universal Tracking Code and Script on your website and setting up a monthly report. In order to get the most out of your web analytics, you need to be evaluating your company’s website data on a weekly status, to fully understand how visitors interact with your website and how you can improve your online presence to reach more customers and earn more revenue.

When looking at your manufacturing website data, it’s tempting to focus on metrics, numbers and stats that look good on paper, but don’t directly relate to revenue and profit. For example, your new metal fabrication service page may have received a record number of views, but did anybody actually connect with you for more information about your metal fabrication service, click your call button, or request more information about your company from the contact page because of your new metal fabrication landing page?

Paying attention to key metrics, like those listed below, can help your industrial manufacturing company better track and reach your digital goals and more importantly, connect with your customer or business on a more personal level.

Key Metrics Your Manufacturing Company Should Be Measuring:

  • Conversion Rate
  • New Leads/Clients
  • Bounce Rate
  • Retention Rate
  • Revenue

If you happen to running Digital Advertising you should also be focusing on the following metrics (Weekly):

  • Total Money Spent (each week)
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Click Thru Rate (CTR)
  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Ad Conversions
  • Ad Conversions Rate

Google Analytics consulting from Tacktical Marketing

Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools in your manufacturing digital presence arsenal. When it comes to tracking and evaluating all aspect of your website, you better have a strong strategic plan for reviewing your Google Analytics. Fortunately, Tacktical Marketing offers Google Analytics consulting to help industrial, manufacturing, and professional service firms, best interpret and understand your website data. We want you to have the tools and knowledge to help you make the most strategic, informed, and efficient decisions related to your digital marketing efforts.

Tacktical Marketing Google Analytics plan can help you:

  • Evaluate Google Analytics reports
  • Provide actionable data-driven recommendations
  • Increase traffic
  • Reach more qualified visitors
  • Filter data to help you make informed business decisions
  • Offer advanced Google Analytics support

Whether you are a small or large manufacturing company Tacktical Marketing can help you use Google Analytics to interpret key website data that helps you get the most of your digital marketing efforts.

On average, we have helped our manufacturing clients increase their revenue by over 30%. Additionally, our client retention rate is nearly 100%.

Connect with Tacktial Marketing today and start optimizing your websites Google Analytics to work for you. Let us take the confusion and unknowns out of your digital marketing decision efforts.