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About Tacktical Marketing

Tacktical Marketing is focused on generating winning habits for manufacturers and professional service firms.  Founded in 2019, Tacktical Marketing was developed to address the elephant in the room that encompassed most manufacturing companies.  Our owner, Tommy Taylor, comes from the manufacturing industry.  He realized the delay and inefficiencies in marketing practices that surrounded mid-to-large scale manufacturing companies.  As many of you can attest, more often than not, most manufacturing companies simply do not have the capabilities and/or resources to staff a full sales and marketing team.  Even more so, the role of sales and marketing typically falls under the owner of the company.  Raise your hand if this is your current situation.  Don't be scared because roughly 60% to 70% of manufacturers are operating at this capacity.   

So how do manufacturers overcome this hurdle?  It starts with digital sales and marketing.  More importantly, it starts with automating the digital sales and marketing processes.  Tacktical Marketing is a full-service marketing automation agency focused on Mid-to-Large scale manufacturing and professional service firms.  Our goal is to eliminate wasted time and processes from owners and office staff (that didn't plan on being marketers but somehow found their roles encompassing sales and marketing); so they can focus on what it is they do best.  Manufacturing owners, specifically, find themselves setting up marketing and advertising to grow their business, making the sales connection, and closing deals.  What if you could automate this process so you can focus on what matters most such as: overseeing production, managing teams, nurturing healthy relations with current clients for repeat business, maintaining quality of excellence, simply being present with less distractions, and much more.  Certainly, you could employ an in-house marketing team to run these aspects of your business.  However, Tacktical Marketing can eliminate your overhead expenses, provide a fully staffed team of contractors to maintain and manage your marketing needs and help you win more business.

Tacktical Marketing was, and is, designed by a manufacturer for manufacturers.  If you feel Tacktical Marketing is just what your manufacturing company needs, let's connect today.  No better time to start then now.

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My company was growing but not at the rate I felt it should have been growing. I knew we needed to enhance our marketing efforts but we didn't want to bring on any more overhead for our current situation. We found Tacktical Marketing through a local advertisement and honestly it was the answer that we needed. Not only did it save us overhead costs, but our business also grew more than 30% in the first 4 months. Tacktical Marketing was professional and detailed oriented. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to grow their marketing efforts.
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It couldn't be easier to get things up and running for your manufacturing marketing. Tacktical Marketing will not only walk you through the entire process but also set it up, build it out, and strategically implement your marketing efforts for your manufacturing organization or professional service firm.

Repeat Business

We want to earn your ongoing support.  Tacktical Marketing will provide a detailed strategic plan that can be implemented from start to finish.  Even if you choose another marketing agency, they will have the blueprint for success.  

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